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בסיעתא דשמיא

Congratulations! on opening the gates of the site of the Discovery of all Tmes and Generations 

in the Art of the World - in the World of Art!

     Welcome to the World of...

In a rare and fascinating timing of events…

The musical meanings of the “ta’ame miqra“- cantillation markers in the Holy Scriptures have been Deciphered!

Then... after more than two thousand years of silence in exile, 
the melody and magical voice of

Book of All Books – 
Poem of all Centuries

is coming back being exposed
in Our Generation
We are long for
the Voice of...

HaTora התורה
תמונה ברלין

Following the International academic authentication of the Discovery by the lead of the World Musicology study academy in Germany, and with the great blessings of the Revelation by the leading religious authorities of Israel and other countries in the World, we are glad to present here the findings and the story of the exposure of the amazing Discovery!

...and, invite You! to participate in the fulfillment of a dream of the mysterious revelation in our generation - 

    To investigate, discover and recognize,

to create, rejoice and… Sing Together! the...

HaShira השירה

The Website is currently under development
However, already now, you can be among the firsts in the world…
Some langwidge inaccuracy might appear due to the automatic translation feature concerns. meet - to hear and be amazed! by countless Compositions of Wonder! that flow thru the channel of time to be revealed and show themselves to us in all their glory!

…to learn firsthand about the way and the circumstances that led to the wonderful findings, described in the “Story of the Discovery”.

We Replay the Song of Worlds Life!


With the progress in the Discovery advancement and the website development, here you will find the extensive list of activities, that will be planned with the aim of creating and leveraging amazing prestigious musical products, which are now still hidden in the countless lines of the silent Holy Scriptures, and which will now flourish from their ashes to be heard and to utter their magical voice in tens of thousands of songs of Wonder!​

And, of course! Here you can always keep up to date with the progress of the discovery experience!

You will also always be able to follow the storm of new foundlings that continue to be revealed and amaze us each and every day.

And… We are glad to invite You! to join the glory staff! To become an inseparable part of the charming Discovery advancement process, and thus to have the privilege of singing your eternal personal stamp in the history of the Art of our World - Is the Art of

HaShira השירה

…for the fulfillment of this precious and glorious eternal Commandment of the Torah, here, thru the blessed artistic and scientific work, we’ll thank you always - by sharing new compositions of wonder, new amazing mysterious revelations about the sacred secrets of the root of the harmony of Universe... And, from the heart of Art, we’ll always bless Your help and Your support of the Discovery, of the effort of its release, continuing of its investigation… all – to establish it again in revival as a prelude to the respect of beauty and exult of our World!

With our Thanks and a lot of our Love...
We appreciate Your blessed support of Opera of Live – the… 

HaShira השירה

Together! We Replay the Song of Worlds Life!

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